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Monday, June 21, 2004

I have returned from a long month in Egypt, and I must say a lot has changed in the country from what I remember. For one the Islamic religion has really taken a lot of clout in the culture of the country. Of course there's the 5 times a day call to prayer from every mosque. Then the clothing choices, 30+ degrees Celsius and everybody wears pants and headscarves all in the name of 'modesty'. Not that I am mocking anybodies right to practice religion but its hard to understand some of these customs. The great gems of our trip to Egypt was the beaches, we went to 4 places while in Egypt. The first was Ein Sochna (or Eye of the Heat) located on the gulf of Suez where our family has a small cottage and a very relaxed atmosphere. The second was Sharm El Sheick which is located on the Sinai peninsula, we stayed at a hotel on the beach a little more life there. As well as many European tourists ;). Third place we went to was Alexandria where we stayed at the appartment our Grandmother was preparing for summer renters, we got to see the great library of Alexandria while we were there, which was a pretty much like a regular library except they charged admission, and seeing the rare collections and antiquities cost extra. Though it was still a fun sight. The last place we got to see was Marsa Mathrouh which is a city on the mediteranean coast, where we stayed at a hotel. The great thing about the beach there was that it was quite a picturesque sight. Lets not forget the wedding of my mom's cousin which was really good. though started a bit late it wasn't a big deal since all went according to plan afterwards. Now that the Egypt trip is over the rest of the summer must continue.