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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

another fine day

So how are things lately? Not too bad. Monday didn't have class because proff was sick, (Woohoo because my part of our tutorial group's presentation needed a bit of sprucing up that time just didn't allow). It is indeed a funny thing when you think about something for awhile and then it happens. Today I was thinking how I hadn't seen this one person that used to live in E house in many months, lo and behold I see them in the cafeteria and say my greetings and while I was in line at Mr. Sub I for some reason was pondering whether I should try the veggie wrap in a few months when Lent season comes around, Anyways out of sheer coincidence the person behind me orders a veggie wrap. (kind of a dumb anectode I know, but I thought it was uncanny) Lately though I begin to ponder, of course I always do seem to ponder about a number of things. Such as self-improvement and where my feet stand in the world. Well enough of my life. So long for now.


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