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Thursday, March 03, 2005

time for a little theory

ok, so I have been lately thinking of the idea of fear. Been trying to sort of grasp the idea of it, to contemplate what it means and I am going to post what I come up with as I go along. Well for one thing fear is irrational, but it has a use: instinct. Fear is our way of self-preservation it stops us from doing crazy things that we otherwise wouldn't do. But here is the caveat of this all, what if there are things that aren't "crazy" like a man who'd like to ask a woman out on a date but is afraid to. What is the purpose of that? well in this case rejection. But can fear be partially or completely omitted from one's life? Completely omit fear from one's life is way to difficult a feat for a person to accomplish, because to fear is after all part of instincts, and that is a part of what makes us human. So then what about partially? what if you cut out fears in some areas? To do every action, based on rational deduction and reasoning as well taking into account one's own personal set of moral principles. is that possible? it very well could be.


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