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This is the blog of an Undergrad at York U, and for now I am majoring in Information Technology, I am just the typical out of High School teenager still trying to figuire out life

Monday, July 11, 2005

the melody of a broken record

I know how late it is but for some reason I am not sleeping. Yet I planned on going to sleep earlier, for some reason I have compelled myself to stay up this late. for no other reason then it seems than habit? I am now quite certain that I am in some sort of rut. The problem is I am always in a rut, and whenever I convince myself that I can get out of said rut I continue to stay in such rut. So what to do about it? I am just tired of all this routine, everything stays the same with me I really want to accomplish something. Sometimes I think thats the only thing that keeps me going, the need to do something, but what? What am I missing in this picture? Is this normal? I get a sense of incompleteness in my life and it seems no matter where I look or what I do I am still unsatisfied. Is it so hard to do the things that I want to do? To accomplish the things I would like to accomplish. Perhaps I am not pushing myself hard enough? who knows... what am I afraid of? am I afraid of something? Or am I just inventing all of this somehow, I don't know what it is. I need to find out, I need to know, I just have to know. and most important of all I got to stop staying up these late nights. Well this blogger is going to bed now, post your comments if you wish,

Thursday, March 03, 2005

time for a little theory

ok, so I have been lately thinking of the idea of fear. Been trying to sort of grasp the idea of it, to contemplate what it means and I am going to post what I come up with as I go along. Well for one thing fear is irrational, but it has a use: instinct. Fear is our way of self-preservation it stops us from doing crazy things that we otherwise wouldn't do. But here is the caveat of this all, what if there are things that aren't "crazy" like a man who'd like to ask a woman out on a date but is afraid to. What is the purpose of that? well in this case rejection. But can fear be partially or completely omitted from one's life? Completely omit fear from one's life is way to difficult a feat for a person to accomplish, because to fear is after all part of instincts, and that is a part of what makes us human. So then what about partially? what if you cut out fears in some areas? To do every action, based on rational deduction and reasoning as well taking into account one's own personal set of moral principles. is that possible? it very well could be.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

have you ever used

A gas fired toilet?

don't believe me, click the link

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Elmo Captured by insurgents in Iraq

I believe the culprit is none other than Evil Bert

Thursday, January 27, 2005

so apparently I am a cohen

Just out of my usual boredom I did some quiz, and here's the result

Take the quiz: "What O.C. character are you?"

You are very funny and fun to be around. Your a little bit of a dork but you stick to your traditions and custums.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

another fine day

So how are things lately? Not too bad. Monday didn't have class because proff was sick, (Woohoo because my part of our tutorial group's presentation needed a bit of sprucing up that time just didn't allow). It is indeed a funny thing when you think about something for awhile and then it happens. Today I was thinking how I hadn't seen this one person that used to live in E house in many months, lo and behold I see them in the cafeteria and say my greetings and while I was in line at Mr. Sub I for some reason was pondering whether I should try the veggie wrap in a few months when Lent season comes around, Anyways out of sheer coincidence the person behind me orders a veggie wrap. (kind of a dumb anectode I know, but I thought it was uncanny) Lately though I begin to ponder, of course I always do seem to ponder about a number of things. Such as self-improvement and where my feet stand in the world. Well enough of my life. So long for now.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the wonderfull world of procrastination

So I am writting here today at this hour out of a feeling of procrastination, I know what you're thinking great reason to post on a blog. I am tired of all this work, really I am. I spent a majority of today just catching up on work I have been behind on for the past 2 weeks thanks to this new and improved winter shedulle. Allthough I have learned quite a bit from it. What else in life? what life? ha ha, I need more excitement in life I must do something more interesting.