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This is the blog of an Undergrad at York U, and for now I am majoring in Information Technology, I am just the typical out of High School teenager still trying to figuire out life

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Its, been awhile since I put something in here I just haven't made the time I guess. I ended up doing pretty well in most of my classes, with the exception of french which I barely passed at least I know what to work on next year. This new semester is off to a fairly good start albeit a bit hectic of a pace, just trying to keep up is an interesting challenge. As for the holiday plans it ended up being finally off, nothing happened that was of a great excitement but family came to visit like our new cousin. For those of you reading this, wondering if I made any strides with the aquaintance/friend known as Jen I have not. I keep thinking about why I haven't talked to them at all yet every now and then, and I start to question why this still is on my mind? why haven't I been able to do anything about it. I suppose I am just surrendering to the uncontrollable nature of life, but sometimes you got to take a leap and try something different. This coming week is reading week, so i'm going to have both alot of reading to be catching up on as well as alot of pondering. Though I am happy to say I am feeling pretty good right about now, I dont know how to explain it but Things are great.