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Friday, November 12, 2004

what a night

It was indeed a very unexpected Thursday night at the Glendon camp for myself. I was watching Lost In Translation in my room and I feel somewhat encouraged to go to pub so I gell my hair and change my shirt and head down there by myself not having the slighest expectations for what was going to transpire that night. Tonight was one of those bachelor auctions for charity, and I made a promise to a friend that I would bid on one of her friends (not that she needed the help) so I ended up winning that bid by quite a large sum (lets just say more than any other person on the auction block) I guess I got lost in the moment. Then after winning my tall blonde of a prize, a short redhead whom I have a slight acquaintance with comes up to me and asks if I have MSN to which I reply yes and so I give it to her later in the evening. And we share a small dance with each other. Later I go back to the dorms and talk about nothing for a few hours, and at about 10 to 5 I stumble into my room and fall asleep. And that was my Thursday night


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