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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I don't know

There are too many unanswered questions in life. Who are we? What is our identity? And what is our purpose in life? What is society? And where do we stand between all of that? I have been asking myself these questions for some time now and although I haven't reached an answer to these questions I have learned quite a bit about myself in the process. I have also spent a lot of time just thinking just what is the notion of society and where I fit in. I have always looked to find a place among my peers but I never seem to know where that is. All I know is that I want to fit in with people and be appreciated for my ideas, and I just want to be involved in the lives of others. I just want to find my niche, and its difficult doing that after letting yourself stagnate socially for many years. You just find yourself wishing you could just fix it by grabbing a guide or someone just telling you exactly what you have to do but that's never going to happen. There are some things in life that just can't be taught. There are also some other things in life that you just have to learn through experience and that's a really challenging thing, and that's hard because its instinct to keep yourself from getting hurt whether that is physiological or psychological there are some things you just can't avoid from happening in life. Another things is control, there are moments in life where it seems like you are completely powerless in life and it's very frustrating. Your life will seem just chaotic and you wish that you could get a sort of order from that but it never goes your way. But as long as we are all able bodied and willing to keep going in life to persue the things we want out of life there will always be a chance for things to turn out for the better.


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