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Sunday, October 24, 2004

What Am I F***n doing in life? honestly I put myself down too much. I never get anything done according to plan. Like this weekend I planned on getting started on my looming Politics assignment, and my Annontated Bibliography for History and what happens so far bubkus. I just squandered my time on meaningless things like sitting on the computer watching Kill Bill , or The Daily Show, or other acts that I prefer not to mention here because I don't want to get into that whole thing. I just don't seem to be focused lately or for that matter ever at all I don't know what it is, I always feel like I am missing something. To try to get an aswer for a question you don't know, if that makes any sense. Although I did manage to scrounge a halloween costume, or rather ressurect a halloween costume I had in my closet all these years. The fact that my mom was cool enough to make the Galabeia for me in one night really makes you greatfull for having such a loving family. Of course thats not to say I won't have moments where I am completely focused which is a rare occasion. I just wish that would happen more often, because I would like to get more things done sooner and end this horrible habbit of procrastination. My last rant for now is my sleeping habbits, lately I just seem to be quite the night owl which is great if my name was Ed or Bob and I was working as a night watchman at the Ivory tower or something but the reality is I am a 2nd year University student with many classes that happen during the morning hours so its important that I have a regular sleep pattern that conforms to the norms of society. Despite this all my every attempt to sleep early is twarted by my innability to just push myself to go to sleep. With that note I shall end my comment for the day Until Next time. Live Long And Prosperous


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