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Sunday, October 31, 2004

20th post... Halloween, daylight savings time, random thought about habits

As I write in this blog I will mark the 20th post I have made since I started this blog that started what seems like not too long ago. Of course I must also make a statement about two interesting yet different occasions currently going on Daylight Savings time and Halloween,sometimes referred as All Hallows Eve and Sammain. Daylight Savings is an invention of Stanfort Flemming a Canadian who thought it would be a larf to get many countries in the world to just change their clocks twice a year. Halloween as we all know is a day when to quote from the movie Mean Girls "when girls dress up as sluts for fun" and when everybody else dresses up as anything else from a Television Set, to a flasher to a simple pedestrian, anything goes (I myself dressed up as an Arab). And so the legend of halloween is also when the barier between the living and dead is paper thin, so every now and then on halloween that barier is broken and the living party with zombies and have wild orgies and so forth. Moving on, what is it about a bad habit? I mean what is that psychological aspect of it that commands control of us? And yet we are aware of this habit and its implications yet we decide to continue despite our internal objections and why? why saccrifice our own self control for the purpose of derriving pleasure from somethign if only for a fleeting moment? Well I am not going to take it anymore dangit, one's got to have control over their own affairs. Its only right.


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