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Thursday, September 16, 2004

So its nearly 3:30 am right now as I am typing this while listening to my iPod. I can't seem to fall asleep tonight. Some people had parties today since it is Rosh Hashana, and there aren't any classes tommorow. Today for me was prett laid back I stayed up late last night watching tv since it was Tuesday night and I got Wednesdays's off. I took the shuttle to keele campus I had lunch at Wendy's in the student centre, then I went upstairs hoping to get a (free) YFS dayplanner, and when I get there it turns out they ran out :S. So I figuire I would go to the bookstore maybe try and look for book that sister wanted, the lines that led outside the bookstore were amazingly long and I was unfortunatley short on time seeing I had to catch the shuttle bus back to Glendon so I didn't get a chance to look. Anyways by the time I make it back to the student centre, the 2:30 bus back to Glendon already left, so I hook up my laptop to the AirYork connection to look up times for next bus and its at what time 6:00 PM. So here I was stranded at York for over 4 hours, lucky for me I had my Canadian Politics book, and after that I decided to make use of the high speed connection by downloading a dvd image of Fedora 2 Linux (what a geek I am eh, lol). So I get back to glendon after that, and I didn't do much for the next few hours. Called home to check up on everything, and I go to watch tv for a little while. I hear some noise brewing outside, so I go to check it out and now I am here. So thats pretty much today's story Thanks for reading


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