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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Return to reality

It is now time for you all to return to reality, as the shuttle bus lady said on the bus from our hotel to the airport in Cuba.

As evident by my little introduction I got back from Cuba yesterday, a year older and wiser about the effects of alcohol. I am now 19 which means I am legal to do quite a bit in Canada. Ironically I actually walked from the plane accross Terminal 3 of Pearson airport holding 2 bottles of Rum and a bottle of Gin. (not mine I swear, just the family taking advantage of our alotted duty free amount) . Any stories plenty, though not so caliente unfortunatley they were nonetheless humourous. We got there on Saturday 2 hours late because the geniuses at Air Transat found a part they needed to replace at the last minute, so to make up for our long wait they gave us FREE Headseats (Normally a whooping $2 value, such generousity eh) so everybody could watch Shrek II. At this point such a delay is kind of funny considering that when we got to the airport my mom noticed me and my sisters tickets weren't there so my sister volunteered to go get them, re-arriving just in the nick of time. (and to think we were worried we'd miss the plane). Anyways we get there finally at a more or less decent hour. Socially the week started off really slow, me being the spineless individual I am didn't approach anybody up until around Monday (actually I was approached, but whatever the story starts the same as it did last year, its really the ending that counts) the guy introduced me to 3 Argentinian girls and 2 girls from Montreal. Then the handfull of People from Toronto, despite being the younger of the lot (most being in the 20-25 age range) I didn't let that stop me much. For the strangest reason though I had the toughest time having much conversation with the girls. The food was more or less the same most days but reasonable. The highlight of my trip was on the last night which also happened to be my birthday (Sept 3rd). We ate dinner at Mamma Mia one of the "a la carte" restaurants at the resort. My sister was nice enough to embarass me by getting the band to play happy birthday, everybody in the restaurant clapped. Later on I ended up being one of those on stage during the nightly entertainment games, I lost when they asked to pick up my dance partner. To cap off the night I got drunk and I threw up, a british guy saw me and walked me a little to make sure I was ok, and proceeded to tell me that I am a crappy dancer (which is obvious to me) that I had nothing to proove, and that I should know my limits when it comes to drinking (I knew but I didn't care because of the occasion). I gave my e-mail address to the Argentinians (who knows if i'll actually get e-mailed) and the Montreal girls ditched me at the disco on the last night, though I caught up with them at the airport and left things more the way I wanted it to be left. So another summer ends this time lasting twice as long as summers of previous years with twice as much being done. I was surprised to see the way Egypt has changed, along the way seeing the great city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands if only for 6-12 hours. Another year of university starts again on the 8th for me, I have no idea what I am In for.

So long for now.


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