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This is the blog of an Undergrad at York U, and for now I am majoring in Information Technology, I am just the typical out of High School teenager still trying to figuire out life

Thursday, November 06, 2003

What a difference a month makes, it seems like yesterday this 'reality' came to being. I am absolutely astonished by how quick time just seems to have passed by. Wednesdays continue to be my busy day. and with each week as I finish one big project after another, there's more work still to be done. I am of course failing french which doesn't make me all too happy but I shall resolve to make good on that pretty quickly. Got back my Critical thinking and writing test since then got a modest 70% and in my ITEC midterm I got a surprising whooping 87% which I am happy about. This morning I wrote my Programming midterm wich is always fun, ill just have to wait and see about that. Tommorow I head home for Commencement, i'll get to see people from the school I didn't really have words to describe how I felt about it in the end. The opposite sex continues to confuse me at every turn, a sort of confusion thats enjoyable at the same time as it is frustrating. I'll finish off with a quote today. I am looking for an answer I don't know the question to.


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