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This is the blog of an Undergrad at York U, and for now I am majoring in Information Technology, I am just the typical out of High School teenager still trying to figuire out life

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Ah Thanksgiving what a weekend, Thursday night I get... Drunk well buzzed I guess whatever all I had was 4 & 1/2 shots of Rum and I was... just cheerfull I really was, I faintly remember hugging a good many number of girls, and in the pub I was struck up a conversation with someone, after pub we just talked to some people from our house. On Saturday my dad buys an LCD monitor for my mom's computer and, while I am in the store I ask him if I can get a dvd burner and he buys one, so now I can burn dvd's !!!!. Went to Niagra Falls on monday which was alright, wasn't the out of the ordinary fun, but it was a good change of scenery from the usual weekend routine so thats good. Tuesday night I somehow end up staying up until 1 am watching the Apocalypse Now dvd I burned with my new burner, that doesnt' help the fact that today I have a test in Critical Thinking And Writing, and I ended up going to sleep at like 2 am, and waking up about 10 minutes to 8, which left me rushing through my morning routine, and making it just in the nick of time for Programming. and so I finish of by Saying one thing: life is many things, its confusing, its fun, its weird, its random, its structured, but no matter what happens in life, you only live once so make the most of any situation and just LIVE.

ps. a good tip for tests is to always bring extras, today in my Critical Thinking And Writing test my pen cap just snapped off, and I would have been in one dilemma had I not brought extra supplies.


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