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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

So today the fire alarm goes off at midnight, and its the strangest thing, cause I was about to go to sleep and everything, and then everyone's all awake now so everybody in our building goes outside, which is pretty cold by the way but I got a chance to view the night sky briefly which wasn't bad lots of stars out, and that moonlight is just eerly calming to see. When I got back many people sure had hoped there was a fire cause it was a shame to get out all for nothing, or worse... a Drill !!. All of this excitement end up kind of making me want to stay up. turns out the cause of the fire alarm was somebody upstairs had burnt noodles while microwaving them, so they caught on fire cause they didn't use enough water. Other than our Yom Kippur Monday off things have been pretty un-eventfull this week for me, and so life goes on... until next time


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