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This is the blog of an Undergrad at York U, and for now I am majoring in Information Technology, I am just the typical out of High School teenager still trying to figuire out life

Thursday, October 02, 2003

hello, where do I start... I got alot of stuff on my mind, its after midnight its almost 1 am right now, and I am tired but at the same time I can't seem to get to sleep I don't know why. It's thursday tommorow have one class in the aftertoon and today was my busy day, so why am I still not sleeping.
maybe its the test I just got back for a class, its unexpected results or maybe its that assignment due next week which as simple as it may sound I still haven't had the chance to really get started, or maybe its the fact that I am expecting this revelation in life to happen and I am just waiting around for it to happen, I dunno what it is right now I am just a place in my life where it all feels like one big dream or something. All these new people in my life is a little confusing, I dunno where I fit in or if I fit in, or whatever its a whole new place, and it is all fun, exciting yet at the same time its confusing, and frustrating. I learned a great deal about myself during the course of my life, made a few mistakes and learned from many of those mistakes, but whats next? there's alot of things I am finding out lately that I still don't know, and hopefully i'll be able to pick up on that stuff soon enough. So Farewell until the next time I think of something else to write.


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